1st Mini Album BEAST is the B2ST

  1. BEAST Is The B2ST
  2. Bad Girl
  3. Mystery
  4. Yet
  5. Oasis

2nd Mini Album Shock Of The New Era

  1. Just Before Shock
  2. Shock
  3. Special
  4. Say No (Take Care Of My Girlfriend)
  5. Easy

3rd Mini Album Mastermind

  1. Mastermind
  2. SOOM (숨) / Breathe
  3. V.I.U (Very Important U)
  4. Break Down
  5. 주먹을 꽉 쥐고 (Clenched a Tight Fist)

4rd Mini Album Lights Go On Again

  1. Lights Go On Again
  2. Beautiful
  3. 니가 제일 좋아 (I Like You The Best)
  4. Lightless
  5. I’m sorry

(BEAST UNIT) 1st Single Album My Story

  1. Doojoon & Dongwoon – 문이 닫히면 (When the Door Closes)
  2. Junhyung & Yoseob – Thanks To
  3. Kikwang & Hyunseung – Let It Snow
  4. Lights Go On Again (Full Ver.)
1st Full Lenght Album Fiction and Fact


  1. HyunA feat. Junhyung – Change
  2. G.Na feat. Junhyung – I’ll Back Of So You Can Live Better
  3. JunHyung, HyunA, Mighty Mouth, etc. – Faddy Robot
  4. JunHyung & 4Minute feat. Amerie – Heard ‘Em All
  5. Kang Mi Young (Davichi) feat. Dongwoon – 우동 / Udon
  6. DRAMA (Dalmatian) feat. Yoseob -첫 눈 그리고 첫 키스 (First Snow And First Kiss)
  7. Navi feat. Junhyung – Go Back Again
  8. Wheesung feat. Junhyung – Heart Aching Story (가슴-시린-이야기)
  9. Kidult feat Doojoon – Eluphant (이루펀트)
  10. 015B feat 4Minute & Junhyung – Silly Boy
  11. HyunA ft. JunHyung & G.NA – A Bitter Day
  12. Brave Brothers feat Kikwang & Electro Boyz – Break Up
  13. U-CUBE (BEAST, 4Minute, G.Na) – Fly So High
  14. Ahn Jinkyung feat Kikwang – Love is Pathetic (사랑이 딱해)
  15. Bang Yongguk feat Yoseob – I Remember
  16. Kim Wan Sun feat Junhyung – Be Quiet
  17. ALi feat Junhyung – Don’t Act Foolish (촌스럽게 굴지마)


  1. Crazy (OST Attack The Gas Station 2)
  2. Because Of You (OST My Princess)
  3. Ready Go! (OST God Of Study)
  4. Loving You (OST All My Love)
  5. Yoseob – Happy Birthday (OST MBC more charming by the day)
  6. Yoseob – I cherish that person (OST All My Love)
  7. Yoseob – No (OST Poseidon)
  8. Yoseob, Dongwoon & Junhyung – Dreaming (OST MBC I’m Flower Too)
Another Single
  1. Shock (Japanese Version)
  2. BEAST – Rainbow (Fukuyama Masaharu REMAKE)
  3. Doojoon, Kikwang, Junhyung – Should I Hug Or Not
  4. 성장통 (Growing Pain) [College Campus Song Festival]
  5. Mystery (Japanese Version)
  6. Bad Girl (Japanese Version)
  7. Fiction (Japanese Version)
  8. I Knew It (Digital Single)

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